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(PTFE) (FEP) LLDPE 6/66 EPDM Hypalon Na tu ra l R ubb e r / S B R Hytrel Polyurethane CPE Brass Steel 316 Stainless EVA 11 PVC / PU Blends G - Good F - Fair X - Not Recommended — - Insufficient Information *For Intermittent Transfer Only **Use Approved Freon Hose ***Use Propane Approved Hose Only Use Pinpricked Hose for Gas Appliions 2 Chemical …

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- (PTFE) Polytetrafluoroethylene has outstanding resistance to chemical attack by most chemicals and solvents. PTFE has a temperature rating of -29°C ( -20°F) to 204°C (400°F) in valve appliions. PTFE, a self lubriing compound, is used as a seat material in ball valves. PTFE is not included in this chart because it is resistant to all

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PTFE Lined Stainless Braided Hose Superior fluid compatibility: Stainless Steel Braided High Pressure Racing PTFE Hose Clean and Fast Flowing, Smooth Bore Appliions include fuel, lube, coolant and air for automobiles or marine engines. Hose Size: -3,-4 ,-6 ,-8 ,-10, -12,-16 AN: PTFE (PTFE) hose is flexible and strong and when coined with stainless steel braid can …

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Parker''s Chemical Resistant PTFE Smoothbore hoses have exceptional chemical compatibility and handle temperatures as high as +450°F. 919/919B asselies are used in numerous appliions including, but not limited to, chemical transfer lines, high temperature general hydraulics, and coolant lines. The PTFE core tube resists moisture and offers the lowest …


Resistant to high temperature. The internal and external layer resistant to aggressive chemical fluids, DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid. Suitable for ABS brake system - to reduce pulsation effect. OBHN Internal layer: Reinforcement: Working temp.: PTFE Single steel wire braid From -40°C up to +160°C code I.D. [mm] O.D. [mm] working pressure [bar] bursting pressure [bar] bending …

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Stallion chemical hose is designed to withstand fluid temperatures to 300°F (149°C), however the rating is dependent on the specific chemical conveyed. The factory must be consulted for any chemical above 125°F (52°C). Stallion is also available with a crush resistant design, specifiion 4698. Stallion has a wire helix for full suction capability. The tube stock …

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PTFE fiberglass for food industry appliions. foodstuff hose. M2980 series. Inner diameter: 9.65 mm - 32.3 mm. Outer diameter: 15 mm - 39.78 mm. Pressure: 60 bar - 86 bar. Composition: ·Inner tube: convoluted tube in PTFE, resistant to fire, chemically inert.

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Braided Stainless Steel PTFE lines like ours are great for replacing many factory rubber hoses such as rubber fuel lines, brake lines, and clutch lines. PTFE does not deteriorate or bulge with age like rubber does, and has far superior chemical resistance. The stainless steel outside keeps the inner diameter uniform, allowing faster and more efficient fluid transfer (this means a …

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Welcome to our Rubber Chemical Resistance Chart. Here is the rubber compatibility chart that rates all popular rubber materials that comes into contact with various chemicals. Use this rubber chemical resistance chart to make sure that the elastomer or O-ring seal you choose will be compatible with the particular environment.

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14/8/2018· PTFE hose is also beneficial for use with racing oils, brake fluid, and coolant appliions. Its durability when exposed to extreme burst pressures makes it applicable for dry sump oiling systems on severe pressure appliions like Top Fuel and Pro Modifieds. For example, a -8AN Series 6000 hose from Fragola handles a working pressure of 2,000 psi and …


Model Type & description -04 PTFE-lined stainless braided hose with end fittings egory Not applicable CONCLUSION The above mentioned component was tested in accordance with the above mentioned standardand was found to comply in all respects Signature: Name: Matt Claydon Position: Senior Type Approval Engineer Date: 03 May 2013 . TEST REPORT: …

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Good resistance to oils and solvents such as aliphatic, aromatic and halocarbons, acids, animal and vegetable oils. Not resistant to methanol. Poor resistance to hot water and steam. At higher temperatures FKM swells. Unsuitable for polar solvents, certain esters and ethers, glycol based brake fluid. PTFE (teflon) PTFE is resistant to almost


GENERAL CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF ALFAGOMMA HOSE COMPOUNDS. ALFAGOMMA // RUBBER CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHART The following data is based on tests and believed to be reliable; however, we emphasise that the tabulation should be used as a guide only, since it does not take into consideration all …

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The service life of rubber hoses is not endless. Consequently the user must periodically check the suitability of a rubber hose for the intended applica-tion, particularly in the presence of dangerous or polluting chemical products or when using the hose at elevated pressures and/or temperatures. Continuous use at the highest allowed pressures

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Glycol based brake fluid (DOT 3 & 4) Bad ozone, weather and atmospheric aging resistance: FKM (Viton®) Fluorocarbon: Often called by its DuPont trade name Viton®. Its performance in high temperatures and a broad spectrum of chemical resistance makes fluorocarbon quite a popular choice in many systems with harsh environments. Heat Resistance: Up to 204°C and …


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28/1/2016· Chemical and acid hose are used in chemical manufacturing plant. Corrosion resistant hose are used in corrosives transfer appliion. Cosmetic hose in cosmetic manufacturing plant. Sanitary and Aseptic hose for high purity fluid transfer. Heated hose (Electrical or Steam Heated) to transfer hot fluids at maintained temperature. B) PTFE Hoses

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Composite Hoses – We offer high quality composite hoses including: Petroleum Code, Chemical Code, Aviation Code 700, Bitumen Code 966, Cryogenic LNG and LPG Code Hose, Fire Resistant and Vapor Recovery 400. PTFE Hoses – Our selection of PTFE hoses are available in white and black anti-static with a high pressure range rated up to

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Viton is resistant to many hydrocarbons and is best to use with chemicals in the petroleum industry. If you are looking for an oil resistant rubber, neoprene is a good choice and it also has a temperature resistance of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Neoprene also has a low oxidation rate so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor appliions. If you are looking for food safe …

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Abrasion resistance, tear resistance, aldehydes, amines, brake fluids, some esters, ketones, solvents. Fluorocarbon (FKM/FPM) Fluorocarbon (FKM/FPM) commonly known by its DuPont™ trade name, Viton®. These materials are noted for their high resistance to temperatures and chemicals. They have excellent resistance to ageing and ozone and very

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When transferring harmful or toxic fluids in your chemical appliions, you need to trust the best in the business. Gates Acid Chemical hoses are designed to withstand the most corrosive fluids, toughing out highly acidic alkaloid fluids, hazardous waste, solvents, and petroleum. Gates offers industrial acid chemical hoses and asselies for over 1,400 chemicals.

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Chemical Resistance Table 3. Continued KEY : S = superior resistance / completely unaffected under all conditions L = limited resistance / some chemical attack may be expected over time, exposure should be limited to fumes or occasional light splashing — = no data available M = moderate resistance / superficial (aesthetic) effects only, example:

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6/6/2017· That is why PTFE is extremely media-resistant to both polar and nonpolar media. It is only non-resistant to strong reducing agents, such as solutions of alkali metals (e.g. sodium) in liquid ammonia, or to very strong oxidizing agents such as elemental fluorine at high temperatures and pressures. High energy radiation can also damage the material. Because PTFE does not …

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PTFE and Brake Fluid Does PTFE tape resist brake fluid? Any information would be helpful tom_loughlin. Senior Builder Posts 627 Registered 17/6/03 Loion N. Wales / Bristol Meer Is Offline Photo Archive Building: GTS - on the road now. posted on 17/6/05 at 11:37 PM: yeah, im pretty sure it does. on a car is born, he uses it, and i have done on my build to try and reduce …

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19/11/2021· Our brake hose has an interior coating with the highly resistant material PTFE. The connection pieces are rust-proof and a top quality, made in England product. The complete brake hose can be attached without using a special tool, the connections are screwed into position. Full 100% water-proofing is guaranteed with the correct installation. The sealing olives can also …

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Chemical Resistance Information: The Shurflo "Chemical Compatibility Chart" is based on a variety of information, comprised from our material suppliers'' information, Engineering Lab Test Data, actual Field Test results and some generally published engineering data. This guide is believed to be accurate, but due to the many variables which may affect the compatibility of …

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Highly resistant to most acids, alcohols, detergents and solvents; Ideal for use with reactive and corrosive chemicals ; The melting point of PTFE 1 is 600°K (327°C / 620°F) Low temperature: maintains high strength, toughness and self-lubriion as low as 5°K (-268°C /-450°F) and good flexibility at 194°K (-79°C / -110°F) NOT compatible with certain alkali metals and fluorinating

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Fluid Resistance Guide The range of chemicals to which Viton fluoro-elastomer is resistant is one of the broadest in the industry. DuPont Dow Elastomers has introduced several Viton products that will give the compounder a greater flexibility in formulating parts requiring chemical resistance. Notes This bulletin is a starting point for the evaluation of the suitability of Viton in …