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These are Starting Point Rubber Compounding Formulations for providing guide lines only and should be confirmed by laboratory trials. It is expected that modifiions may be necessary to produce satisfactory commercial products. 2 . 1.Typical Truck Tyre Formulations (Bias Ply) Ingredients . Tread Cap (Rib Type) Tread (Lug Type) Tread : Base . Side : Wall. Carcass : …

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Radiation Resistance Poor to Good Steam Resistance Poor to Good Sunlight Resistance Excellent Taste Retention Fair to Good Weather Resistance Excellent Water Resistance Good For assistance in identifying the appropriate polymer or material, or to develop and formulate a CSM or Hypalon / chlorosulfunated-polyethylene rubber compound to meet

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Typically a rubber hose is constructed of an extruded inside synthetic rubber tube that has the sole purpose to keep the conveyed fluid in the hose. The elastomeric nature of rubber requires that a reinforcement layer be wound or braided around the tube in order to hold the internal pressure. The reinforcement layer(s) are either textile or steel (or both). To protect these inner …

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RL1 MILL DISCHARGE HOSE RL1 is a general purpose lay-flat discharge hose with a rubber SBR age resistant tube. Its all polyester cover will not absorb water, and is ready for rough treatment. Does not stiffen in temperatures from -25 to 185F. 1-1/2" to 6" diameters. Details. RH1 RUBBER MATERIAL HANDLING HOSE . RH1 RUBBER MATERIAL HANDLING HOSE RH1 …

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Nitrile rubber adhesive is mainly used to bond rubber products and to bond rubber with metal, fabric or wood. The prominent features are good oil-resistance and high peeling strength. Its joint has good resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbon and non-oxidizing acid, and together with the high elasticity of rubber, it is more suitable for bonding soft materials or materials whose heat …

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14/1/2019· EPDM beats SBR in tensile strength and resistance to heat aging and weathering. Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR): Nitrile is king of elastomers when it comes to oil- and fuel-resistance. One attraction to NBR is its stability in low temperatures, with the ability to survive extreme cold of -30˚C/ -22˚F, which EPDM and Silicone can’t match.

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1/11/2019· The continuous upper temperature resistance (CUTR) of a thermoset EPDM rubber is defined as the upper temperature limit of the thermal aging condition at which a thermoset compound retains at least 50 percent of original elongation and 80 percent tensile at break after 1,008 hours of heat aging (per Mercedes-Benz Supply Specifiion of Textile-reinforced …

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for textile appliions or higher deniers for rubber hose reinforcement appliions . Type 430 is used in firefighters’ turnout gear, coated fabrics, electrical insulation, radiator hoses and industrial laundry press covers . Type 450 Nomex® Type 450 is a naturally white staple fiber . It has higher crystallinity and strength than Type 455 and 462 fibers, and is sold as a 100% meta-aramid

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Selection of the correct elastomeric rubber material for your appliion, be it fluid or environmental sealing, vibration isolation or dampening, impact bumpers, hoses and fluid movement and various other requires the review of numerous factors such as: dynamic or static appliion, system pressure, chemical compatibility; heat, cold and

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Introduction to rubber processing and safety issues This section provides details of the mechanical processes involved in the production of various types of rubber goods. Details are included of the various safety and fire and explosion hazards but there are only brief references made to the health risks. For information on health risks see health and safety topics. The …

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3.1 Age resistance – Resistance to deterioration in storage by environmental factors, such as heat, light and ozone. 3.2 Cure date – The date the rubber is fully cured. Two methods in expressing the cure date are as follows: a. Shelf life to a maximum of 3 years. Cure date stated in terms of month of calendar year and the year, i.e., 6-83. b. Shelf life in excess of 3 years. Cure …

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Rubber was first brought to Europe in 1493 from the Americas by Coluus, but it remained little more than a novelty for over 200 years. Interest eventually began to grow, and in 1770 Joseph Priestley noted its ability to rub out pencil marks, hence the name ''rubber''. This was followed by a rapid growth in technical developments and appliions in the 19th century. Rubber began to …

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The invention relates to an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) composition with high brake fluid resistance for an automobile braking hose. The EPDM composition is characterized by comprising the following formula components in parts by mass: 100 parts of EPDM, 3-10 parts of zinc oxide, 0.5-2.0 parts of stearic acid, 1-3 parts of polyethylene glycol, 1-3 parts of …

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resistance to ozone, weathering and aging. The operating temperatures of the Fluorocarbon Rubber range between -20 °C /-4 °F and +200 °C /+392 °F (for a short period of time up to +230 °C /+446 °F). Suitable formulated FKM can be used down to -35 °C /-31 °F. FKM is also often used with mineral based oils and greases at high temperatures. FVMQ (Fluorosilicone …

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The most common technique used to accelerate the ageing of materials involves performing tests in ovens that simulate UV radiation. The influence of ageing is related to the mechanical properties of the material and can be easily monitored by tensile, compression, and sealing resistance tests [8]. Other methods that can be used in parallel with

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Butyl’s trademark stability and resistance to ageing helps the gum retain its soft texture during storage. Other non-tire appliions. Ageing resistance and low permeability also makes butyl rubber ideal for a variety of adhesive and sealing appliions. Our butyl products are used in adhesive formulations for transparent tapes, hot melt

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Temperature resistance of a rubber is vitally important in appliions that have varying temperature ranges. Choosing the incorrect rubber can result in melting, deforming and/or the material becoming brittle, which in turn will affect its physical properties and most likely cause failure. When compared with silicone rubber, EPDM is significantly inferior with a maximum …

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30/5/2019· chemical resistance information for PVC pipe provided is based on short-term immersion of unstressed strips of PVC in chemicals and to a lesser degree on field experience. The following chemical resistance legend is used in the PVC Table: R General Resistant C Less Resistant than R but still suitable for some conditions N Not Resistant . Author: Lenovo User …

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Global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing system technologies based on rubber, thermoplastic, elastomeric and polymer materials.

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However, the aging of rubber may speed up the use and shorten the service life. The rubber products will lose the elasticity and become hard, which is not good for the usage. So we must make out what factors may cause the aging of rubber. 1. Oxygen The oxygen in rubber will have a chain reaction of free radical with rubber molecules. The

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Silicone rubber has outstanding resistance to oil at high temperatures. Among common organic rubbers, nitrile rubber and chloroprene rubber have somewhat higher oil resistance at temperatures below 100°C, but at higher temperatures silicone rubber is superior. Silicone rubber also has excellent resistance to solvents and other chemicals. It is essentially …

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14/9/2018· A common industry solution for basic abrasion resistance, natural rubber is often seen in a soft, tan, gum form. Natural Rubber from Garlock is black in color and features carbon black and other additives designed to improve its innate abrasion resistance and other, key physical properties. Temperature Range: -75°F (-24°C) to 180°F (80°C) 120 100 80 60 40 20 …

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Synthetic rubber is preferred over natural rubber for some uses if the price differential is not too great. The transport industry is the largest user of rubber for the production of tires. Rubber is used by the construction industry in elevator belts, hoses, tubes, and seismic bearings etc.


strength, resistance to abrasion, aging test, dynamic tests, adhesion tests) • Dynamical-Mechanical-Thermal Analysis of Vulcanizates Chapter “Laboratory Tyre Testing” discusses measuring and testing tyres in laboratory conditions. Laboratory tests are divided according to two criteria – into specific egories of vehicles (passenger, utility, agricultural and special vehicles

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1. Flexible 2. High wear resistance 3. Good anti-aging properties 4. UV resistance 5. High and low temperature resistance (-30℃ to +100℃) 6. Good acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance 7. Durable, reusable 8. Can be used in harsh environments 9. Greatly extend the service life of hydraulic hoses

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Although nitrile rubber is resistant to the chemical attack by ethanol, it is highly permeable to it. FKM, however, has excellent resistance to both permeation and chemical attack by either pure ethanol or blends of ethanol with hydrocarbon fuel. The following figures give an impression on compatibility and permeation of FKM types with ethanol.


EPDM elastomers have excellent heat, ozone/weathering, and aging resistance. They also exhibit excellent electrical insulation, compression set, and low temperature properties, but only fair physical strength properties. Their resistance to chemicals is generally good. For example, EPDMS’s are resistant to many polar fluids, hot water and steam up to 200°C (in the absence …

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Ageing resistance of chlorinated natural rubber gloves was evaluated by measuring its activation energy of oxidation, using differential scanning calorimetry technique. All …

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Probably the first real bond between rubber and metal was achieved through the hard rubber technique [2]. The first commercially successful bonding process was achieved by the brass-plating technique during the 1920s. In this process the ratio of copper to zinc in the brass was maintained to a specified level for achieving proper bonding properties. Compounding of …